Combined Service Packages

In today’s harsh economic climate, we understand the need to provide a cost-effective solution for your premises.

We have a range of packages and payment plans incorporating whatever elements of our services you may require.

How It Works

  • ADAM Security provides you with a Contract Manager to personally ensure your needs are fully understood and met.
  • We complete a security review prior to commencing services at your premises.
  • Based on the review we develop Site Specific Assignment Instructions to ensure full compliance with your businesses security processes and procedures.
  • A detailed Service Level Agreement is designed to manage our performance.
  • All systems can be remotely diagnosed daily/weekly or monthly to ensure proper systems performance.
  • The monitoring station can alert to intrusion, system faults or power/communications failure before they become a problem.
  • Our Contract Manager can visit your site at weekly/monthly intervals and will hold formal KPI meetings if required.
  • Our system also allows the end user certain access remotely to the system allowing CCTV to be viewed and alarms monitored.

Legal Requirements

HSA regulations require that all places of work including those with access by the public (clients/customers) must have their fire and life safety response equipment maintained in accordance with the relevant standards:

  • Fire Alarms – IS 3218
  • Emergency Lighting – IS 3217
  • Fire Extinguishers – IS 291

Under the Gardaí Policy all monitored alarms must have a maintenance plan in place with a PSA licensed alarm company in line with EN 50131 Standards

From an Insurance / Health and Safety point of view Intruder Alarms, Access Control and CCTV Systems need to be installed and maintained so that when you need them they are there to be relied on, reducing business downtime due to vandalism and loss due to theft.


Combines service package examples would include:

  • Intruder/CCTV/Access and Fire servicing all in one visit providing reduced call costs.
  • Emergency lighting and Fire Alarm testing after hours eliminating disruption to the daily operation of the premises if required.
  • PAT testing – We provide testing of appliances which is now required by law for all places of business under Health and Safety in the Workplace Act. Test frequency is dependent on premises classification.
  • Combined security and electrical packages to provide one stop solution.

Deployment/Scale Ability

In the present-day security is required for both insurance and health and safety reasons but it need not be a burden on your business:

  • Our Installations can be stage implemented to reduced initial costs
  • Finance is available across most of our installed systems.
  • Certain elements such as monitored CCTV or Access control can reduce the need for manned security and so reduce overall costs.
  • Structured and planned preventative maintenance insures reduced systems downtime and overall running costs
  • With our monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans we can provide a tailor-made service to suit your budgets whilst keeping your premises compliant

Our Certification

  • MSC EN 50131 Intruder Alarms
  • MSC SR 40 Intruder Alarms/CCTV Systems
  • MSC SR 40 Access Control
  • MSC PSA 2006_12 CCTV Installations
  • PSA Installation/Maintenance Intruder Alarms
  • PSA Installer of Security Equipment CCTV
  • PSA Installer of Security Equipment Access Control


ADAM Security provides remote security management to protect your staff and property while you are away or outside working hours