Family Safety

Family Safety

Our family is at the centre of our personal universe. We would do almost anything for the sake of our family including protecting them from known danger and harm. This can be difficult because we cannot be with our children at all times and we live in an open society where they can be exposed to predators and violent criminals. The only place where we have some control over our environment is in our home. We can make our home reasonably safe by fortifying it and arming ourselves with self-defence methods necessary to protect our family. See our web page  for more information on securing your home.

Family Security Plan

Whenever a family member leaves the home, they leave the zone of protection that we have created. One way to keep our family reasonable safe is to have a family security plan. When developing a family security plan you must give careful thought to the public routines of each family member and think of ways to keep them safe. One way to accomplish this is to hold a family meeting to discuss the security plan and explore what if scenarios of real life situations. For example, what if we need to use the bank ATM machine? What steps should we take to make the process safer? What if we need to go to the shopping centre? What precautions can we take to be safe in the parking lot? What if someone approaches to rob us while walking to our car? What should we do and how should we react? Where would we go and who would we notify in case of emergency?

Most people have no such family plan nor have they met as a family to discuss what if scenarios. When or if a criminal assault occurs, the unprepared family will have to rely on natural instinct in response to an incident. What if their natural response is wrong or their reaction inappropriate, under the circumstances? We read about these cases all the time in the newspaper. For example, a man tried to overpower a gunman, only to be shot and killed. We have also become aware of incidents where a child was tricked to get into a car of a total stranger and kidnapped while walking home from school.

Crime Scenarios

In the following links, I have attempted to set forth some common criminal confrontations in everyday settings that a family might face. I suggest that you hold a family meeting to discuss these scenarios and decide what steps your family should take in response to these threats. I have offered suggestions that a family might consider in response to a criminal assault. The suggestions that I offer are not the only possible response, nor do I guarantee that they will be effective in all situations. Your response to any criminal assault is highly personal and depends on the physical and mental capabilities of each family member.